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Recent Projects


Over the past few years, Frederick Dharshie has worked with global NGOS, award-winning journalists, international media houses and museums to cast light on stories around the world. Whether in Nepal, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti or elsewhere, Dharshie brings environmental and humanitarian stories to life, and approaches each of his projects with the utmost passion and purpose.


Power for the People

England | Kenya

Dharshie visited Remba Island, in Lake Victoria on the north-south border between Kenya and Uganda, to tell the story of jaboya or "sex for fish" and how women in the area are managing to overcome difficult conditions that cause them to resort to this practice.

Power for the People is a UK NGO that tackles the root causes of poverty in remote, rural communities by enabling better health, education and economic activity, powered by clean affordable electricity.


Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Switzerland | India

Dharshie visited India to tell the stories of millet farmers and tea farmers in the regions of Maharashtra and Assam. The stories focused on micronutrient deficiencies in the population and the solutions that are being employed to overcome them, including the declaration of 2023 as International Year of Millet.

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition is a Swiss NGO that works to end nutrition insecurity in Asia and Africa.


Samburu Girls Foundation


Dharshie travelled with Dr Josephine Kulea, Founder of the Samburu Girls Foundation and UN Person of the Year 2013, to document the work being done to rescue girls from child-marriage, beading and female genital mutilation.


The Samburu Girls Foundation is a Kenyan NGO that empowers pastoralist girls and fights against harmful traditional practices that affect girls in Nomadic pastoralist communities.


Canada | Kenya

Dharshie traveled around Kenya, documenting the stories of schools and students that have benefited from Chalice programmes.


Chalice is a Catholic NGO based in Canada, that works in impoverished communities to help struggling families overcome the cycle of poverty.

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